BMW Lease Return Center in Santa Maria

    Bmw Lease Return Center in Santa Maria
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You've enjoyed your BMW and now it's time to give it back, but not all BMW's are returned at lease-end and showroom condition.


Inspection Wheel/"Ding-O-Meter"


90 days prior to your lease maturity date, you will receive a mailing from us containing your Ding-O-Meter. The Ding-O-Meter is a terrific tool that helps you measure dents, dings, scratches, chips, or cracks, as well as to approximate your tire tread. In order to predict potential lease-end charges, dings less than two inches result in no charge. Dings measuring between two and four inches are considered small dings, and dings outside of four inches are considered large dings. Tire tread should be an eighth inch minimum, and the thinnest tread not on the wear bar. Santa Maria BMW will provide a precise measurement using a tire gauge.

    BMW Lease Return inspection wheel   

Door Dings, Dents, Chips & Scratches


Would you like to see if your vehicle's exterior meets the guidelines? Dimples or dings and minor chips less than tow inches in length may be considered normal wear and tear, however, a hole in the sheet metal or a dimple or scratch more than two inches long isn't. Surface scratches that can be easily buffed out or broken paint less than two inches long can also be just fine. Just be sure to review this during your pre-inspection with Santa Maria BMW  prior to your lease-end turn in date. If you have any repairs performed on your vehicle, please make sure they're completed by an authorized BMW center or another repair facility meeting BMW's standards. Remember to keep your receipts and provide them to Santa Maria BMW at the time of turn in.


Interior/Aftermarket Equipment


You may have small stains in  a few areas of your vehicle. We consider this normal wear and use. Any interior with large stains, burns, rips, or water damage should be either fixed or replaced, or will be subject to lease-end charges. Original BMW parts or accessories added buy a BMW center after delivery are considered aftermarket equipment. If there were any modifications made to your vehicle, the vehicle must be restored back to the original condition and specifications. All non BMW aftermarket items must be removed, and any holes repaired. Lastly, aftermarket tinted windows will need to be assessed by Santa Maria BMW.


Scheduled Maintenance


Every item must be operating properly. If any component doesn't work, you must have it repaired. Major mechanical damage voids the BMW lease-end inspection form. However, contact Santa Maria BMW regarding any repairs covered under your warranty. If service indicators or warning lights are displayed, charges may result. For many late model vehicles, scheduled maintenance is included. If your vehicle is still covered, have it serviced at the BMW center to avoid pay for covered repairs. The drive-train must also be in good working order and scheduled maintenance and repairs must be current.


Windshield, Bumpers, and Lights


If your windshield has any scratches, chips, cracks, or scars, it needs to be replaced. However, it is highly recommended to first check with your insurance provider to help determine if your windshield is covered under your policy. Scuffed bumpers are acceptable, however, dents or dislocations, bumper stickers, or damage to the painted part of the bumpers will result in a charge. Also, spend a few minutes to make sure that all of your vehicle lights are working and do not have any cracks. Non-working lights or cracked headlamps, tail lamps, or fog lamps will result in additional lease charges.


Tires and Wheels


If you replace the tires, please know that if your vehicle originally came equipped with run-flat tires, then your vehicle should be returned with run-flat tires. Otherwise, additional lease-end charges will be assessed with each tire that is not of equal size, quality, and speed rating as your original tires. Also, acceptable wear is a minimum eighth inch depth from the thinnest tread. Your Ding-O-Meter can help you identify whether or not your tire falls within our guidelines. Simply insert the Ding-O-Meter into the thinnest part of the tread not on the wear bar if you cannot see the blue line after placing it in the thinnest part of the tread, then your tire meets the guidelines. Your tire may also have cuts or gauges which will result in additional lease-end charges. Santa Maria BMW will be able to provide you with a final, more precise measurement. This will help determine if you will be charged.


Final Steps


Schedule your pre-inspection appointment with Santa Maria BMW to review any possible charges and discuss any repairs that Santa Maria BMW may be able to make prior to turn in. This is also an exciting time for you to consider your next BMW purchase and learn more about the exciting loyalty programs that we have for returning BMW financial services customers.


After you've made all the repairs, you'll need to schedule an appointment with Santa Maria BMW. This is also a good time to contact the dedicated lease-end representative at BMW financial services to make them aware of your lease-end decision. If your decision is to return your lease on your lease-end maturity date, they will provide you with the documentation that you need to take to Santa Maria BMW. BMW financial services believes in full disclosure. There will be a disposition fee assessed when you return your vehicle at lease-end. If you decide to lease or finance your next BMW with BMW financial service, your disposition fee will be waived. Make sure you and Santa Maria BMW representative sign the vehicle inspection report or VIR because it serves both as your turn in receipt and federal odometer statement. Please turn in both sets of keys as well as all service records, the owner's manual, tool kit, and spare tire if applicable. (If you leased an X3, X5, X6 or 5 Series Gran Turismo, be sure to return the cargo cover.)


Lastly, please contact your BMW financial services lease-end representative at 1-800-959-4269 to make them aware that you have returned your BMW to Santa Maria BMW.