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AN EXCITING DEAL: CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASE A NEW BMW GET A FREE NEW OWNER'S TRACK DRIVE PROGRAM. With the purchase of a new BMW your customers will receive 2 complimentary seats at the BMW Performance Center in either South Carolina or Southern California-the School for accelerated learning. The new owner and their guest will be treated to a 3-hour experience that includes classroom instruction, driving on track in a few different models, an off-road excursion and an unbelievable Hot Lap ride. It's a $598 value (2 seats x $299) and it's complimentary to all new owners from the BMW Performance Center. 


The BMW Performance Center is a destination unlike any other. It's where owners, fans and driving enthusiasts alike get to experience the BMW brand in a way it can truly shine: On the track. They'll be treated to behind-the-wheel fun in multiple BMWs, accelerating, braking and turning while lapping in our Performance Drive segment. Then it's out to explore the off-road course for X-Vehicles. Drivers will glide over obstacles, ascend and descend hills, traverse water crossings and frame-bending berms in an amazing display of xDrive technology. For the grand finale, it's time to strap in for a pro Hot Lap. They'll see, hear and feel our M5's powerslide through the turns, scream down the straights and drift at the limits of physics. It's an outing that will leave them with an unforgettable impression. 

HOW IT WORKS: IT'S EASY FOR CUSTOMERS TO REDEEM THEIR COMPLIMENTARY PROGRAM. Owners should visit for a program overview, then call 888.345.4BMW to schedule their complimentary New Owner's Track Drive. No additional paperwork for you, no hurdles to jump and at no cost, this promotion is a win-win-win for all involved. In fact, recent research has shown that up to one third of class participants go on to acquire a BMW within one to three years. You'll want those repeat customers to have your Dealership top of mind when they make their next BMW acquisition. Send them to us and we'll keep sending them back to you. 


We're happy to share ready-to-run video for your interior video screens, as well as supply digital creative pieces for your Center's website. See the accompanying reference document to view the items. 


- Owner must provide the VIN # and date of sale 

- New vehicle RDR Lease or Purchase customers only (Retail Types 1,3,A,D,G,H and J. Type 6, Z and Updates not eligible.) - Program certificates must be redeemed within one year of purchase 

- Offer holds no cash value and is not applicable for credit 

- See information below for Custom Order BMW customers taking PC Delivery 


THE NEW OWNER'S TRACK DRIVE OFFER IS SEPARATE FROM THE BMW PERFORMANCE CENTER DELIVERY EXPERIENCE. Customers who've ordered their brand new BMW for pickup at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina already have a  dedicated day of vehicle overview, instruction, track driving, meals and more. Those customers will work directly with the BMW Performance Center Delivery Team in coordinating their day for vehicle handover. 

New vehicle purchases and lease customers only Program certificates must be redeemed within one year of purchase. Offer holds no cash value and is not applicable for credit.

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